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    Proven model maker job description : You have both extraordinary skills and are willing to share them with our students as a teacher. This position entails working with the teaching team and the students to create appearance models and mock-ups used to evaluate and communicate industrial design directions, forms, and details of product concepts, but also includes working on commercial projects and finishing appearance models for clients.


    He/She should be passionate for detail, extremely deadline driven, familiar with working in a team environment, and have good interpersonal skills. This position requires extreme attention to detail and high level of craftsmanship, logistics, and understanding of machinery such as lathe, mill, 3D-Printer, etc. The person we are looking for, should have experience in creating free form shapes (foam) to finishing plastics and metals in perfect finishes. The Model Maker will be responsible for highly cosmetic hand finishing and painting as well as detailed model assembly.


    - Fluent in both Chinese and English ( spoken and written )

    - Full-time

    - Mid Level

    - Education / Design

    Contact: william@detaoma.com, detaoesslinger@detaoma.com


    我们正在招聘: 工业设计模型师 我们正在招聘一位有经验的专业模型师,她(他)不仅拥有过硬的专业技能,同时,作为一位模型教师,也愿意与学生们分享相关知识。该岗位要求应聘人员能与我们的教学团队和学生合作塑造外观模型,以及能制作对工业设计的方向、形式和产品概念的细节问题进行评估与交流的实物模型,当然也包括一些商业项目及为客户定制打造最逼真的外观模型。




    - 全职

    - 中级

    - 教育/设计

    联络人: william@detaoma.com, detaoesslinger@detaoma.com

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