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Historic First Graduation
by SDI Class of 2018





May 10 2018

· Graduation

On a large scale, some chose a fully automated agriculture robot, a mobile and eco-friendly toilet, a re-usable and smart packaging concept and solar energy applied to individual airplane travel. As required, they were prospective in their proposals but all kept their mind clear, applied proven technologies – or projected their advancement - enabling their projects to be plausible.


On a smaller scale, some took on urban transportation challenges such as a smart skateboard, an electric scooter for white collars and also a bike for seniors, home fitness equipment, senior products as well as white goods were also developed to solve daily design issues observed by students. Seemingly targeting niche markets, these projects still open many opportunities in their scalability and realistic framework.


Our graduates show great understanding of complex systems while dealing with their projects, from the product usability to its re-use and after-life, as well as the services it provides to users. Such thinking from this new generation proves that sustainability is a logical and needed goal, which should be pursued by designers regardless of the industry they work in.


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