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Heavy Trucks and Agriculture Vehicles


Jun 27, 2018

· Final Presentation

Our semester ends with mud and glory as our students finished their projects about heavy trucks (think cranes and excavators) and agriculture vehicles such as tractor and manure dispenser.


They tackled such heavy challenge and work out creative proposals ranging from spider-shaped blasting robot to help demolition work to dumper truck with built-in vacuum cleaner that avoids clouds of dust. To give them a taste of their future working environment, we combined sophomore with freshmen students in team of two, helping the first to gain leadership skills and the second to learn from their peers.


As usual, results were surprisingly unexpected with team working on space junk collector ship to clean our earth low orbit area while others students developed unmanned forklift inspired by beetles.


Design thinking is needed in many industrial fields and it is our responsibility to show to our students that their creative minds and solutions can support workers in their daily duties. Design is not only about fancy headsets and smartphones; we should strive to improve people life, working tools and ultimately their environment.


SDI Graduation ceremony. 战略设计与创新专业毕业典礼

Out of initial 24 students enrolling in 2014, only 11 graduate this June. They can be as proud as we are of the hard work they endured for the last 4 years. Out of 11, 2 got accepted to pursue their Master studies abroad (Central t Martins in the U.K) and the rest of them got hired before their actual graduation ceremony was held at the end of June. We call this a success!


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