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Prof. Bernhard Bürdek ( Germany )


Late October 2015, within our exchange program “special week”, we were proud to invite Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bürdek to Shanghai, to work with us for one week on Design history & Product Semantics.

Despite the fact that Prof. Bürdek is a graduate from legendary Ulm Design School, he taught design history and design theory both in Europe and Asia for many years and among many other publications, his book "History, theory and practice of product design" Which is also available in chinese), is considered to be the standard in Design history!

During his lecture, he explained the product development of product semantics and analyzed in a very interactive workshop with us different companies as well as their products and language through design. We went from Muji to Ray Ban over Ikea and ended at German car manufacturers such as Merceds Benz, Audi and BMW.

With his vivid explanations, we got a better understanding of the meaning behind each product, and what we should pay attention to, when starting our next design. Overall, the big message was “Design is communication”, and every product every curve and color sends out a message, willingly or unwillingly.

By discussing also product samples from Chinese companies and their interpretations of Chinese society, social groups, and lifestyles, we realized once more that we have the responsibility to look carefully at our environment and be fearlessly curious, especially as we will be in charge to design The products surrounding us in our everyday life.

Big thanks to Prof. Bernhard Burdek, we look forward to his next visit to our studio!

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