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Fall 2019 started with a great deal of color, textures and exceptional finishes with former Nike Global Creative Director, Rebecca Kaufman-Ward who kicked off our latest intensive 5 day “Special Week” CMF workshop.

2019秋季学期伊始,前耐克全球创意总监Rebecca Kaufman Ward领衔SDI学生开展了最近一次为期5天的密集化“特殊周”CMF(色彩、材料、表面处理)工作坊,内容涵盖了各种各样的色彩、质地及与众不同的表面处理。

Keeping with SDI tradition of starting our fall semester with outside influences, we kicked off the semester with a CMF workshop where students learned about all aspects of how CMF can tell a story, define and drive brand values.


8 teams of 3 students were organized, each led by a senior student. The task was to design a new camera bag for the Leica X2 camera. Students had to select the partnering brand that would cooperate with Leica on this crossover product. The week agenda was split between morning theory classes // lectures and afternoon practical tasks and assignments.


Day 1: The morning class was on COLOR. What does it means for a brand and from the user’s point of view? Then, teams spend time researching brand value, emotional connotations of color, and appropriate user insights. What does a brand feel like? How do they communicate? How do they communicate their current color palette? What trends are coming next? The team leaders experienced first-hand product management, creative direction, resource allocation, and fundamental project planning.


Day 2: The morning class was on MATERIAL. How to define what material to use? Prof Matt Rhoades led afternoon class with all teams taking a deep dive into disruptive mapping technics, conceptualization, and sketch and model making.

2天:上午材料课。如何决定该使用何种材料?Matt Rhoades教授在下午课堂上带领所有小组深度探索了颠覆式绘图技巧、概念化、草图绘制及模型制作。

Day 3: Started with FINISH and trend analysis. Trends are not there to be followed, just to be understood and possible influence. Students were asked to map various trends and to clearly show their own design direction. Stress was increasing as students get close to deadline.


Day 4 (Last Day): REFINEMENT AND EXECUTION, polishing and adding in additional details. Deadline was Friday morning, 8 am. Sharp. All teams were on time with their spirits high. In only 4 days each student / team was able to pull off amazing results showing great teamwork, excellent skills and good understanding of the power of CMF.


Workshop is now over but the same teams are carrying on with their project, refining further the bag and developing a full marketing campaign to launch each crossover camera. The goal of this class is to introduce students to the larger design process of design thinking, strategy, digital tools // advanced visualization, and design excellence. The final project presentation will be held in early November, stay tuned for the result.


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