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Each semester, SDI students follow a theme inspiring their design projects. Water was our theme this semester and all students –individually or in team- worked to uncover global issues as well as solved smaller scale challenges related to water.


On a global scale, rising sea levels inspired the design of boathouse, walking apparatus, amphibian vehicle and water-efficient device. Flood disasters led a team to develop a specific survival boat, and water shortage was tackled by a low cost water transport solution. Also, a water drone was conceptualized to deal with the 8th continent made of human trash.


On a smaller scale, and with a more positive note, students developed sport gears and boats strongly inspired by Chinese culture. Finally, urbanization pressure was the inspiration behind a smart bathroom and a mobile public toilet solution.


Water is a resource we often take for granted and waste in large quantity. This semester was insightful for many of us and has provided students with complex issues where design and innovation could provide tangible solutions for a better future.


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