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May 25, 2018


Matthew Rhoades was our guest lecturer for this special week about “disruptive Thinking”. He is the founder & Chief Creative of MatteLab; a design agency focusing on innovative performance based products. Before that he was the Nike Global Creative Director to Global Baseball Design Lead for many years. He also worked for Fox Racing as Design Director; at Frog he was their Digital Director; at Trek bike he design the most iconic mountain bike of all times. With a blend of in-house positions and consulting experiences, Matthew knows his stuff when he talks about innovation.


The focus of this week work was on how to stimulate and lead innovative thinking though a series of exercises called “Disruptive [Design] Thinking” or “Disruptive Mapping”. A topic Mathew has been crafting and editing over the last 2 decades.


Without new questions, there would be no new answers” M. Rhoades.

“没有新的问题,就不会出现新的答案” 出自马修.罗兹教授。

Students were asked to apply new mapping system and used a set of new tools to brainstorm and test their ideas. In team, they work out various potential ideas and quick test each with simple prototypes.


Final day started with a short course on impactful presentations then each team presented their results of one full weeks’ hard work: from concept to initial ideation and to final proposition.


Thanks again to M.Rhoades for coming and sharing with us so much of his experiences.


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