From left to right: Carlos Chen, Ye Chen, Mag. Benjamin Cselley, Prof.Dr. Hartmut Esslinger HonRDI, Hao Hua, Everina Lu, Peter Qiu ;



    我们要与中国及全球有才能的人一起,建立一个有创造力、可持续发展的精英社区。 通过教育、培训及引导,以中国及全球经济为焦点,对未来的管理者及企业家进行战略设计与创新教育。我们的战略设计与创新高级本科课程——做为上海视觉艺术学院和德稻教育的合作项目之一——为学生提供了独特的课程设制,课程专注于工业及数字设计并聚焦用户体验,同时关注社会和环境的可持续发展。


    工作室的负责人是艾斯林格教授-青蛙设计的创始人,教学团队则由设计及设计管理领域的创意先锋和领导者所组成,他们是来自中国及海外的:师本杰(Benjamin Cselley)和陈晔(Cicy Chen)。


    在几乎所有的国家包括中国,设计教育是以艺术为基础的,很少涉及消费者产业、科技创新机会或商业战略需求。因此我们的SDI课程专注于中国以科技为基础的产业,这些产业支撑48.6%的全球经济体系,其它19.2%来自美国,27.1%来自欧盟 (数据摘自CIA2010年全球手册) 。战略设计与创新,通过整合所有与经济、社会平衡和可持续发展相关的“特别”的设计学科,来帮助提供全面的、人性化的解决方案。


    Located on the 4th floor of the new CCIC Building on the SIVA Campus (Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts) in Sonjiang District Shanghai, we have space for 25 brilliant and ambitious design students! Every student has enough space to unfold all his creativity and talent, besides our studio is completely flexible and can also change into an open space for lectures, presentations and workshops. Beside the staff office we also divided a 60m2 project space from the studio, it's the place where we use our hands and physical strength, shaping our ideas the first time in 3D. As of fall 2014 our Studio will expand on the 5th floor, as we are constantly growing.



    Visit us at the 4th floor of the CCIC Building

    699 - Wenhui Road - Shanghai ( North Gate )


    Taking the elevator from the 4th floor to the basement of the CCIC Building, our creative zone expands on more than 400m2, devided in two sections! On one side we have the machine shop with the finest selection of Germany imported machines, all connected to a professional dust collection system. Altendorf Tablesaw, Stratasys 3D-Printer, Zimmermann mill, Weiler Lathe and many others! Across the hallway, you will find our "paintshop", containing an automotive industry type of spraybooth with all necessary equipment such as professional air compressor, and waterbased colorsystem by Sikkens/Akzonobel. Design is about modelmaking and vice versa, that's why we spend a lot of time down here and show our students all our secrets and tricks to create sophisticated and meaningful design.


    乘坐电梯从4楼的工作室来到建于德稻大厦地下一层的模型室,这个面积超过400平米且极富创造力的空间被分隔成两部分。第一部分是器械室。这些机器全由德国进口而来,与专业的集尘系统相连接,例如奥腾朵夫台锯,斯特塔西3D打印机,齐默尔曼打磨机等,而这仅是一部分而已。另一边则是我们的油 漆车间,里面配有一套专为汽车工业使用的喷漆室以及一切必要的设备,例如专业空压机,新劲/阿克苏诺贝尔水性漆等。模型制作与设计密不可分,在模型室中,我们教给学生所有的技能与技巧,让学生通过模型,做出更好的设计。

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